Irish Research Council Scholarships

(L to R) Dr Ekaterina Yahyaoui-Krivenko (ICHR), Jurgita Bukauskaite, Dr Charles O'Mahony (Head of School), Sarah Hofmayer and Dr Lucy-Ann Buckley,
Jul 13 2017 Posted: 11:13 IST

The School of Law is delighted to announce that the Irish Research Council has awarded scholarships to two candidates from the School of Law and its Centres. Congratulations to Jurgita Bukauskaite and her supervisor Dr Ekaterina Yahyaoui-Krivenko, ICHR, and to Sarah Hofmayer and her supervisor Dr Lucy-Ann Buckley.

Jurgita's research topic is "Translating Universal Human Rights Commitments on Gender Equality into the Vernacular and in Line with the Istanbul Convention: the Case of Domestic Violence in Ireland". A multidisciplinary socio-legal analysis of the human rights instruments will be conducted with an objective to identify the best practices to promote gender equality, prevent and end violence against women, and domestic violence in particular. This study is timely considering Ireland is preparing to ratify the the Istanbul Convention and will offer informed guidance to the legal professionals and policy makers on the standards necessary to promote and successfully implement the Convention vis-a-vis de facto position of women.

Sarah's research topic is "Work Integration Social Enterprises - a tool to further inclusive employment for persons with disabilities?" This research is looking into how WISE can contribute to realizing inclusive employment in conformity with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. It includes a comparative analysis of the legal and regulatory situation in Austria, Ireland and Italy, taking the experiences of service users and social entrepreneurs via qualitative interviews into account.


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