Law School lecturers appointed as advisers to the States of Guernsey on developing Disability Discrimination Legislation

Dr Shivaun Quinlivan and Dr Lucy-Ann Buckley
Jan 30 2018 Posted: 13:06 GMT

The Committee for Employment & Social Security in the states of Guernsey have appointed Dr Shivaun Quinlivan and Dr Lucy-Ann Buckley of the School of Law and the internationally-acclaimed Centre for Disability Law and Policy to advise progress on the development of Disability Discrimination Legislation. They will advise the Committee on which country's legislation would be most appropriate for Guernsey to model its disability discrimination legislation on. They will assess the approach taken in a number of countries based on evaluation criteria which will be agreed by the Committee in consultation with key stakeholders. This will underpin the shape of the future legislation. It is hoped that a model law will be identified by the end of March, following which proposals will be developed regarding how the model legislation should be tailored to the Guernsey context. The Committee is aiming to consult with the public on developed policy proposals before the end of 2018.

Further information can be found at the official website at the states of Guernsey.


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