Opportunity to Learn “Street Law” with Georgetown Law Professor Richard Roe

Sep 24 2014 Posted: 14:21 IST
Up to two current law students can attend a free, weekend-long workshop being facilitated by Professor Richard Roe of Georgetown Law School.  Professor Roe is one of the world’s leading experts on “street law,” which is an approach to teaching practical law in the community using interactive teaching methodologies.  The workshop will take place on the weekend of 10-12 October at Blackhall Place in Dublin.  Participants will include students from Irish and UK law schools, as well as recent law school graduates now attending the Professional Practice Course I in Blackhall Place.  Last year’s participants indicated that the workshop “boosted their confidence, knowledge and presentation skills.”  Interested students should contact Larry Donnelly (larry.donnelly@nuigalway.ie) as soon as possible.

Larry Donnelly


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