Study with US Law Students at Inaugural NUI Galway/Suffolk University Law School Summer Programme

Apr 05 2017 Posted: 09:43 IST

Friday, 26 May, to Friday, 9 June

Applications are currently being accepted from candidates who 1) are now completing their final year exams as BCL or LLB students, or 2) are presently pursuing LLM or PhD degrees or 3) are BCL, LLB or LLM graduates of the classes of 2014, 2015, 2016.  There are up to five places open to take two short modules taught by American law school professors – Emerging Issues in EU Business Law and Policy and Fundamental Rights: A Criminal Law Perspective – alongside American law school students.  Guest lectures will be provided by experts from practice and academia and there will be class trips to sites relevant to the topics covered in the two modules.  This programme affords a unique opportunity to discuss and debate some of the major legal and non-legal issues that animate current global public discourse in a US law school setting here in Galway.  There will be no fees for the successful candidates and a certificate will be awarded to those who complete the two modules.
To apply, interested candidates must send a detailed cover letter outlining their reasons for seeking a place on the programme and an up to date CV (including all academic results – transcripts not required) to by 5 PM on Friday, 5 May.  Those who have questions should contact either Larry Donnelly or Conor Hanly (

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