Basic Research

Basic research is scientific research to better understand fundamental molecular and cellular biology. Basic research generates new ideas, principles, and theories, which may not be immediately utilised, but can form the basis of scientific progress and development.

Apoptosis Research Centre

The Apoptosis Research Centre (ARC) is the only cell death research centre in Ireland. The goal of the centre is to understand how cancer cells have adapted to promote their own survival, and using this knowledge, to uncover new ways to combat cancer progression. ARC is led by Prof Afshin Samali and is based in the Biomedical Science Building on the north campus. It is also a partner centre in Precision Oncology Ireland.

Centre for Chromosome Biology

The Centre for Chromosome Biology (CCB) at University of Galway hosts an interactive network of researchers investigating topics linked to the biology of genomes. CCB is led by Prof Noel Lowndes and is based in the Biomedical Science Building on the north campus.

Translational Research

Translational research is research that has the potential to translate, or convert, knowledge from biomedical laboratory science into solutions that have clinical relevance, e.g clinical trials of drugs, medical technologies, diagnostic or prognostic biomarkers.

Lambe Institute for Translational Research

The Lambe Institute is located on the University Hospital Galway campus, co-located with the HRB Clinical Research Facility. It is the research arm of the School of Medicine and provides a facility for undergraduate, postgraduate and programme research, led by translational scientist and clinician PIs. 

  • Tumour Immunology Group
  • National Breast Cancer Research Institute
  • Precision Oncology Ireland - Cell Communication/Extracellular Vesicles
  • ‌Biomarker Discovery
  • Galway Translational Research Group 

NO-CANCER-NET Doctoral Training Programme 

NO-CANCER-NET (Advanced Engineering of Nitric Oxide Based Therapeutics for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Training Network) is a 4-year, €2.7million Horizon Europe MSCA Doctoral Network Grant award from the European Research Executive Agency to address unmet medical need for Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC).

The network is led by Professor Sharon Glynn in collaboration with Cúram. The network will train 10 doctoral candidates across 6 European countries and 9 institutions.

Translational Medical Device Lab 

Translational Medical Device Lab (TMDLab) is focused on developing medical devices that have a tangible impact on patient care and support Ireland’s indigenous medtech industry. TMD is led by Prof Martin O'Halloran and Dr Adnan Elahi and based in the Lambe Institute.