Annual Conferences

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The Academic and Research Integrity Conference October 2023
The Inclusive Learning in Higher Education Symposium (2021) - Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th April
The 16th Annual Galway Symposium (2018) Design for Learning - Fri 15 June 2018
The 15th Annual Galway Symposium (2017) Learning Communities, Collaboration, and Collegiality - Fri 23 June 2017
The 14th Annual Galway Symposium (2016) Theory & Practice: Researching teaching and learning in higher education
The 13th Annual Galway Symposium (2015) Getting Real about Online Learning.
The 12th Annual Galway Symposium (2014) 'Explore, discover, create'- exploring diverse approaches to teaching and learning in Higher Education
The 11th Annual Galway Symposium (2013) “Thinking differently’ - New Curricula, New Skills in Higher Education
The 10th Annual Galway Symposium (2012), The written word – Writing, Publishing and Communication in Higher Education.
The 9th Annual Galway Symposium and NAIRTL 5th Annual Conference on Higher Education, (2011): Engaging Minds: Active learning, participation and collaboration in Higher Education
The 8th Annual Galway Symposium(2010) Creative Thinking: Re-imagining the university
The 7th Annual Teaching & Learning Conference (2009) Design for Learning: Curriculum and Assessment in Higher Education
The 6th Annual Teaching & Learning Conference (2008) Critical Thinking: The Galway Symposium on the Future of Universities
The 5th Annual Teaching & Learning Conference (2007) Learning Technologies: from Pilot to Mainstream
The 4th Annual Teaching & Learning Conference (2006) The Challenge of Diversity: Teaching, Support and Student Learning’ Conference
The 3rd Annual Teaching & Learning Conference (2005) "Civic Engagement and Service Learning"