4th - 6th October 2023 Galmont Hotel, Galway

A poster from the Academic & Research Integrity International Conference

The Academic and Research Integrity Conference, Ireland took place in the Galmont Hotel, Galway, from 4-6 October 2023. The event was hosted by University of Galway, Ireland, in partnership with National Academic Integrity Network (NAIN) and with thanks to SATLE funding.

Teaching, learning, and research are all underpinned by integrity. Higher education (and its relationships with wider society) depends on mutual trust, ethical behaviour, openness and respect. There is, however, a sense of a growing threat to these fundamental values from dishonesty, malpractice, fraud, and indeed deliberate targeting by cheating providers, predatory publishers, and others. Technology (including advances in artificial intelligence) is also considered to have exacerbated this threat in recent times.

Such challenges, though, also provide an opportunity to think more deeply about how we assess student learning, and how we undertake and recognise research and scholarly publishing.

The event featured 6 keynote speakers, 2 invited masterclasses, and a number of workshops, paper and poster presentations. 




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