These are degree programmes, with individual CAO entry codes, which focus on particular areas of study. They are 4 years’ duration and provide students with the opportunity of studying abroad and/or gaining work placement experience.

  • GY104    Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
  • GY105    Bachelor of Arts (History)
  • GY109    Bachelor of Arts (Mathematics and Education)

GY110    Bachelor of Arts (Child and Youth Studies)

  1. GY110   Bachelor of Arts (Arts with Children's Studies)
  2. GY110    Bachelor of Arts (Children's Studies)
  • GY111    Bachelor of Arts (English and Creative Writing)
  • GY113 - Bachelor of Arts with Human Rights
  • GY118    Bachelor of Arts (Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
  • GY122    BA Cumarsáid agus Gaeilge
  • GY123    BSc (Social Science)
  • GY125    Bachelor of Arts (Digital Arts and Technology)
  • GY127    Bachelor of Arts (Film and Digital Media)
  • GY128    Bachelor of Arts (Global Languages)
  • GY129    Bachelor of Arts (Global Experience)
  • GY130    Bachelor of Arts (Music)
  • GY132   Bachelor of Arts Government (Politics, Economics and Law)
  • GY133   Bachelor of Arts Education (Computer Science and Mathematical Studies)
  • GY134   Bachelor of Science(Geography and Geosystems)
  • GY135   Bachelor of Arts (Global Media)
  • GY136   BA (Gaeilge agus Léann an Aistriúcháin)
  • GY137   BA (Child, Youth and Family: Policy and Practise)