Academic Staff Members of Archaeology

Name   Room Telephone Email (
Dr Stefan Bergh College Lecturer  Arc215  00353(0) 91 492052  stefan.bergh(at)
Dr Kate Colbert Research Fellow  Arc217  00353(0) 91 493407  kate.colbert(at)
Dr Michelle Comber College Lecturer  Arc212  00353(0) 91 492670  michelle.comber(at)
Dr Robert Hensey Adjunct Lecturer  Arc203  00353(0) 91 492167  robert.hensey(at)
Dr Carleton Jones College Lecturer  Arc209  00353(0) 91 492303  carleton.jones(at)
Mr Conor Newman Senior Lecturer  Arc210  00353(0) 91 493407  conor.newman(at)
Dr Mags Mannion Part-time Teaching Assistant  Arc205  00353(0) 91 492167  mags.mannion(at)
Dr Noel McCarthy Part-time Teaching Assistant  Arc205  00353(0) 91 492167  noel.mccarthy(at)
Dr Kieran O'Conor Senior Lecturer  Arc213  00353(0) 91 493820  kieran.d.oconor(at)
Ms Maggie Ronayne College Lecturer  Arc211  00353(0) 91 493701  maggie.ronayne(at)
Dr Andrew Whitefield Part-time Teaching Assistant  Arc205  00353(0) 91 492167  andrew.whitefield(at)

Staff in the School of Geography, Archaeology & Irish Studies

Staff in Archaeology

Bergh, Dr. Stefan
Lecturer Bar/College Lecturer
Academic Archaeology 2052
Comber, Dr. Michelle
Lecturer Above The Bar
Academic Archaeology
Fenwick, Mr. Joseph
Senior Technician
Other Archaeology 3100
Jones, Dr Carleton
Lecturer Above The Bar
Academic Archaeology 2303
Newman, Mr. Conor
Senior Lecturer
Academic Archaeology 3407
O’Conor, Dr Kieran Denis
Senior Lecturer
Academic Archaeology 3820
Ronayne, Ms Margaret
Lecturer Above The Bar
Academic Archaeology 3701
Waddell, Professor John
Emeritus Professor
Other Archaeology 2352
Whitefield, Dr. Andrew
Part-Time Teaching Assistant
Academic Archaeology


Administrative Staff

Fiona Mc Inerney, Administrative Assistant.
       room: Arc217     tel: 00353 (0)91 492167     email: fiona.mcinerney(at)                                        

Technical Staff

Joe Fenwick, Senior Technical Officer/Archaeological Field Officer.
     room: Arc206     tel: 00353 (0) 493100     joe.fenwick(at)                                                                                                                                                        

Palaeoenvironmental Research Unit (PRU)

Dr Karen Molloy, Palynology.
     Palaeoenvironmental Research Unit      tel: 00253(0) 493255     karen.molloy(at)                                                                                                                                                                           

Archaeology Staff Research and Publications

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