Classics talks and workshops for schools

Museum workshop 2023

We are very happy to talk about Ancient Classics and related topics to school students at both primary and secondary levels.

For primary school students:

  • We have previously offered courses on the University's Youth Academy programme.
  • We have organised schools talks and activity-based workshops on topics including Greek myths (see photo above), ancient writing (with real wax tablets [see below], papyrus and reed pens), the Greek alphabet, Latin manuscripts (e.g. the Book of Kells), etc.

For second-level students:

  • We are happy to talk to Junior Cycle students about any aspect of ancient life and culture, e.g. life in Pompeii, Greek and Latin poetry.
  • For Transition Year students, we may be able to offer longer workshops on special topics, e.g. Greek tragedy.
  • Our PhD students may also be available to offer tutoring in Greek, Latin or Classical Civilisation, by private arrangement.

We encourage teachers interested in any such activities to contact us: (What we can offer will naturally depend on workloads and available resources.)‌

Ancient writing materials


Odysseus info sheet (English) | Odysseus info sheet (Gaeilge)

Odysseus info sheet: preview (English)

Odysseus info sheet: preview (Gaeilge)