PhD research: Francesca Guido

De Analogia, ut ait Romanus: Recovering an embedded text in Charisius’ Latin grammar

About AD 360, somewhere in the East, possibly in Constantinople, Charisius wrote a Latin grammar for his Greek-speaking son. This work went on to travel widely all around Europe, going hand in hand with the history of Latin education and scholarship. The project focuses on Chapter I.17, De Analogia, excerpted from a text of Iulius Romanus otherwise lost, in which we recognize Caper and considerations ultimately attributable to Pliny’s Dubius Sermo.

My research intends to highlight the intertextual connections between this text and the surviving ancient scholastic literature, in both its sources (Quellenforschung) and its reception. The text itself will be redefined thanks also to a new survey of the extant manuscripts. Digital technology is on one hand a necessary precondition for achieving theproject, and on the other the instrument to disseminate the research through a digital edition of the text, supplied with linguistical and philological commentary.

Supervisor: Dr Pádraic Moran
Funding: Galway Scholarship (2019–2020), Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship (2020–2023).

Research areas: the Latin tradition