Columbanus' Life and Legacy (2012–2015)

This project was concerned with the life and legacy of St Columbanus (540–615). Its primary objectives are an archaeological survey and analysis of the earliest Columbanian foundations in France, a review of the stylistic and iconographic exchanges between the Insular world and the Continent, and a new edition and annotated translation of the Latin text of Jonas' life of the saint.

The project's personnel are Mark Stansbury and Conor Newman (Archaeology) co-principal investigators, Aidan Breen, post-doctoral fellow, Emmet Marron and Christine Allan, PhD students. The project is supported by funding from PRTLI 4 and is a participant in the Texts Contexts and Culture programme of the Moore Institute. In addition, it has received a generous grant from the Mellon Foundation to further international contacts.

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