GLOSSAM (Global and Local Scholarship on Annotated Manuscripts)

GLOSSAM (Global and Local Scholarship on Annotated Manuscripts) is a four-year research project (2022–2026) based in the Moore Institute at the University of Galway, directed by Dr Pádraic Moran. The project is funded by the Irish Research Council Laureate Awards.

The GLOSSAM project will enhance our understanding of reading, education, scholarship, and knowledge transfer in the pre-modern world, by creating new narratives, conceptual frameworks, digital tools and methodological models for the study of glosses.

Glosses are the paratexts transmitted between the lines and in the margins of manuscript books, micro-texts that control how the central texts were read and interpreted. Glosses are as ubiquitous as books themselves. Recent research has discovered that they are a truly global phenomenon, found throughout the literate cultures of Europe, the Middle East, and South and East Asia. The potential now exists to create a new narrative for the history of glossing in an expanded global context.

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