The following prizes are awarded annually to undergraduate students in Italian.

Italian Cultural Institute Prize

Each year the Italian Cultural Institute prize is awarded to the student who achieves the highest marks in the second year examination. 

The Rory Kavanagh Bursary

The Bursary has been made possible by a generous donation from the family of the late Rory Kavanagh (1971-1996), a 1993 B.A. graduate of National University of Ireland, Galway, who spent the academic year 1991-1992 in Italy, at the University of Bologna under the ERASMUS Student Mobility Programme. The Bursary, is awarded annually to allow a student of Italian spend one semester at a university in Italy.  It is awarded to a full-time undergraduate student of Italian who passes the second year examinations in Arts or Commerce. 
The Salvatore Sferra Memorial Prize

Dott. Antonio Castelli, formerly a member of the Department of Romance Languages (1963-1966), originally endowed this prize in memory of his uncle, Salvatore Sferra (Naples).  The purpose of the prize is to encourage competence in Italian and is awarded each year to that student who, in the judgment of the staff of the Italian Studies, is deemed to have made the most significant progress between second year and final year and who also makes a notable contribution to the Italian Society.

Awards for 2023

The Rory Kavanagh Bursary: Robert Russell
The Salvatore Sferra Prize: Ellie Travers 
Italian Cultural Institute Prize:   Liadan Harrold

Awards for 2022

The Rory Kavanagh Bursary: Aleksandra Rogala
The Salvatore Sferra Prize: Siobhan Doolan
Italian Cultural Institute Prize: Elizabeth Duron Coppola

Awards for 2021

The Rory Kavanagh Bursary: Joint Awardees: Dilsouz Barden & Doireann Ní Choileáin
The Salvatore Sferra Prize: Inna McDonagh Laugen
Italian Cultural Institute Prize:  Andrew Florio

Awards for 2020

The Rory Kavanagh Bursary: Not awarded
The Salvatore Sferra Prize: Grace Sampson
Italian Cultural Institute Prize: Dan Foster

Awards for 2019

The Rory Kavanagh Bursary: Peter Juhasz
The Salvatore Sferra Prize: Judith Alfis
Italian Cultural Institute Prize: Lea Beckmann

Awards for 2018

The Rory Kavanagh Bursary: Peter Magliocco
The Salvatore Sferra Prize: Katie Brennan
Italian Cultural Institute Prize: Dearbhla Moyles

Awards for 2017

The Rory Kavanagh Bursary: Éilis Gillespie
The Salvatore Sferra Prize: Bláithnaid Glennon
Italian Cultural Institute Prize: Aisling Forde

Awards for 2016

The Rory Kavanagh Bursary: Tadhg Gleeson
The Salvatore Sferra Prize: Livia Barnova
Italian Cultural Institute Prize: Bríd Eileanór Ní Chonaill

Awards for 2015

The Rory Kavanagh Bursary: Sarah Fanning
The Salvatore Sferra Prize: Sorcha O'Boyle
Italian Cultural Insitute Prize: Nora Baker

Awards for 2014

The Rory Kavanagh Bursary: Lily Lundon 
The Salvatore Sferra Prize: Chloe Doyle
Italian Cultural Institute Prize: Romana Semler

Awards for 2013

The Rory Kavanagh Bursary: Aishling Prendergast
The Salvatore Sferra Prize: Siomha McGarry
Italian Cultural Institute Prize: Caitlin Fahy

Awards for 2012

The Rory Kavanagh Bursary: Cionna Evans
The Salvatore Sferra Prize: Rebecca Finnegan
Italian Cultural Institute Prize: Joanna Marciniak

Awards for 2011

The Rory Kavanagh Bursary: Marion Carey
The Salvatore Sferra Prize: Louise Kennedy
Italian Cultural Institute Prize: Sarah Shwaiki