Group Counselling provides students an easy, comfortable and peer friendly way to gain support for psychological health and wellbeing. University of Galway Student Counselling & Wellbeing offer a unique and varied range of counselling groups focused on areas such as neurodiversity, anxiety, low mood, art therapy, eating disorders, and self-confidence/compassion. Our groups take place either in person or online every week for 4-8 consecutive weeks, on the same day and at the same time each week.  

Therapy groups are facilitated by a student counsellor.  Some groups can also be attended online via MS Teams/Zoom. In this case, we encourage everyone to have their webcams on to build the sense of connection.   

Groups are generally capped at a maximum of 5 people. This is to allow adequate time for each person to share, and to gain feedback and support from the student counsellor, and most importantly from peers. The student counselling service operate our groups as ‘closed groups’, meaning that we do not have people dropping in and out. The same 4/5 students would be consistent each week and this helps to build a sense of trust and safety in the group.  

To receive maximum benefit, group participants are asked to commit to attending all group sessions. The service prides itself on making students feel comfortable and respected, therefore, as a matter of priority, confidentiality is agreed by the group from the first session.