1. Convert negative self-statements into more positive statements
  2. Consistent practice of a 'thought stopping' technique whenever negative self-statement occurs
  3. Convert general statements/goals to specific statements/goals
  4. Move attention away from self concerns to task concerns
  5. Set agreeable tasks with time limits
  6. Avoid situations which provoke anxiety e.g. talking to others before the exam
  7. Use friends effectively e.g. studying together etc.
  8. Learn and use revision and exam techniques
  9. Learn and use relaxation and/or meditation techniques
  10. Develop a clear understanding of what is causing your anxiety
  11. Increase your involvement with those situations which reduce anxiety e.g. sports etc.
  12. Get enough sleep, exercise and nutrition

The National University of Ireland, Galway Student Counselling Service wishes to thank the Counselling Service of The University of Limerick for granting permission to reproduce this fact sheet.