About the CRDO Finance Team

The CRDO Finance Team is responsible for the financial control and management of the CRDO.

This includes producing oversight and guidance on the activities of the CRDO, both on an individual and commutative basis, while ensuring strong financial controls are adhered to in line with HSE National Financial Regulations and University of Galway’s Financial Regulations.

The Finance Manager is responsible for the management of finances relating to Clinical Research, initially on the GUH site, and ultimately across the Saolta Hospital Group.


Governance of financial activities lies with the Board of Directors of the CRDO, under the wider governance of the University of Galway and the Saolta Hospital Group.

Day to day financial governance is entrusted to the CRDO Finance Manager. The Finance Manager reports to the Director of the CRDO, while also reporting on a professional basis to the Chief Financial Officer of the Saolta Hospital Group.

The Internal Audit Department of both the Saolta Hospital Group and University of Galway are key partners in the financial activities of the CRDO, to ensure a robust and healthy financial environment.

Finance Manager

Patrick Golden (BA in Accounting, Fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland).

Patrick is the Finance Manager of the CRDO and is responsible for the day-to-day financial governance of the CRDO. Patrick is a graduate of AIT and a Fellow of the Chartered Accountants, Ireland.

Patrick has previously held management positions within the Saolta Hospital Group and in Community Healthcare West.

Tel: 087-1870440                             Email: Patrick.Golden@hse.ie