Welcome to the patients and public section of our website. Here you will find information and links to content aimed specifically at patients, carers and other members of the public.

Clinical research would not be successful without the kindness of patients and the public who take part.  There are many different kinds of health and social care research, and many crucial roles throughout the research process that you can get involved with. We need the opinions and personal experience of members of the public, patients and carers to add to the information we receive from clinical research studies. Sharing your experience to help improve the care for future patients is extremely rewarding.

Public Patient Involvement (PPI) Activities at the CRDO

Member of the National PPI in Clinical Research Working Group

IPPOSI – The Irish Platform for Patient Organisations, Science and Industry – is a patient-led organisation that works with patients, government, industry, science and academia to put patients at the heart of health policy and innovation. 

IPPOSI has launched an information campaign about clinical trials that aims to inform patients and the general public about taking part in clinical trials.  Please click here for further information.

In order to help establish good practice in PPI in Clinical Research in Ireland and to provide guidance for interested clinical researchers and the public, an online repository of relevant PPI documents has been launched at the IPPOSI website.  Please Click here

Webinar about PPI

The Health Research Board along with the D1-Now project team from University of Galway were invited by Elsevier’s Researcher Academy to talk about what is PPI, how to successfully integrate it into your research project and what is it like to be a PPI team member?

The webinar is available for playback here