Internal Audit Process

Internal Audit Process

What is the Internal Audit Unit?

    • The Internal Audit Unit (IAU) is an independent office within the University, which provides objective assurance and consulting activity on the University’s risk management, governance structures and systems of internal control.
    • The work of the Internal Audit Unit is undertaken primarily through the completion of internal audits, as part of an annual Internal Audit Plan. An internal audit is a focused review of a specific area, policy or topic and can be carried out in any area of the University. The audit work performed includes a review of the internal controls, policies and governance structures of the area as well as compliance requirements.  On commencement of an audit, the IAU contacts relevant colleagues to set out the proposed approach and to indicate what documents and assistance may be required for the conduct of the audit. Following the audit, a report on the findings is prepared for the Audit and Risk Committee.
    • The objective of the audits is to assist managers in the effective discharge of their responsibilities and to add value and improve the University operations by identifying problems, gaps or inefficiencies as well as recommending corrective action. 
    • Through its work, the IAU provides assurance to the President, and Audit and Risk Committee (ARC) as to the adequacy of the university’s internal control system.

Further Information

Roles & Responsibilities

Please see below for a detailed accountability matrix and the key contacts for this area.  

The Internal Audit Unit

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Other Key Contact

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Internal Audit Process RACI

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RACI Explained

RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed.  See below for a further explanation. 


The person or group who is assigned to ensure the works is completed to meet the goals, objectives and overall quality as expected, who will report to the accountable team as to progress, and calls out any risks or impediments to that success

ACCOUNTABLE "Buck Stops Here"

The person or group who is ultimately answerable for the correct and thorough completion of the workstream, ensures the prerequisites are met to support success, and delegates the work to those responsible

CONSULTED "In the Loop"

The person or group in two-way communications in relation to the process or decision


The group or person kept informed of the decision or process

Related Processes

There are no other processes related to the work of the Unit.  All University processes are included within the internal audit universe and available for selection for review by the IAU.