NUI Galway is subject to the Ethics in Public Office Act 1995 & the Standards in Public Office Act 2001 (known together as "The Ethics Acts").

Members of NUI Galway's Governing Body (known as "Designated Directors" under the Acts) and certain members of NUI Galway staff occupying "Designated Positions of Employment" have obligations under the Ethics Acts to make an annual Statement of Interests (or a Statement of Nil Interests if applicable).

Full details of such obligations are notified to the relevant governors and staff each year by the Office of the Secretary for Governance and Academic Affairs.


Information and Guidance

 Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO)

  • The Standards Commission oversees ethics, electoral, state finance and lobbying legislation. On this website, you can navigate to information and guidance tailored for you, whatever post you hold.
  • Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO)


Guidelines for public servants (published by SIPO)

The Commission has guidelines for public servants who may have obligations under the Ethics Acts, giving information on:

  • Annual statements of interests
  • Statements of a material interest
  • Tax clearance requirements

Guidelines for public servants (published by SIPO)


Supporting Ethics Compliance: Top Ten Best Practices for Public Bodies