The Epigeum Research Skills toolkit (courses) are listed on the Researcher Development Centre portal, along with access instructions (select ‘learner’ page, and then ‘self-paced’).
Access instructions are the same for all modules i.e. once the student registers on the Epigeum platform, you will be able to see all available modules, and download a Certificate of Completion for each module from the Epigeum platform, if that is required as evidence of completion.
Some Epigeum modules may be on Canvas. Supervisors have ‘view’ and ‘read’ access, while research students have ‘enrol’ and ‘certificate of completion’ entitlements. 

Other Materials:

Writing a Scientific Style Thesis
PhD Viva Guide - A Springboard for your PhD Viva Preparation

Some examples of other supports available on the RDC Portal

Introduction to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Introduction to Applying for Research Funding

By Hugh Kearns (Under Online Training Resources):
  • E-Book - 52 Ways To Stay Well
  • E-Book - Presenting your Research with Confidence
  • Video - Presenting your Research with Confidence
  • Video - 7 secrets of a highly successful PhD student
  • Video - Staying Well In Research