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Transversal Skills

Transversal skills are also known as ‘transferable skills’.  For example they include;  Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Agility, Teamwork and Communication/Presentation skills. Transversal skills are in demand from employers, so are a key asset for your CV and career.

If you wish to take these any of the these modules as part of your Structured PhD/MD Programme, please follow steps below.

  1. Contact your supervisor to discuss and approve taking the module(s) and to approve that you can register for the module(s) listed below as part of your structured PhD/MD.
  2. On approval, you will need to contact the module provider(s) to see if there is a place available for you on the module(s). Details in the descriptor.
  3. If the module(s) is available within your research programme, you can proceed to register for it.
  4. If the module(s) is not available within your research programme, you will need to contact relevant College contact below to arrange registration for module(s).
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Code and Name
MD1901 Culture Awareness in Health and Social Care Research
EAP5109 Academic English Writing Skills for Graduate Researchers module
BI5108 Green Lab Principles and Practice module