World Health Organization Collaborative Cross-National Study

The Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) survey is a WHO collaborative cross-national study that monitors the health behaviours, health outcomes and social environments of school-aged children every four years. HBSC Ireland surveys school-going children aged 9-18 years. The study is conducted by the HBSC Ireland team, based at the Health Promotion Research Centre, University of Galway.

HBSC Ireland 2018 Social Media Experiences

Children were given the explanation ‘The term social media refers to SOCIAL NETWORK SITES (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) and INSTANT MESSAGING (e.g. WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber). They were then asked to give a yes or no response to the questions ‘During the past year, have you…’:

  • ‘often found that you can’t think of anything but the time that you will be able to use social media again?’
  • ‘often felt unhappy because you wanted to spend more time on social media?’
  • ‘often felt bad when you could not use social media?’
  • ‘tried to spend less time on social media, but failed?’
  • ‘often neglected other activities (e.g. hobbies, sport) because you wanted to use social media?’
  • ‘often had arguments with others because of your social media use?’
  • ‘often lied to your parents or friends about the amount of time you spend on social media?’
  • ‘often used social media to escape from negative feelings?’
  • ‘had serious conflict with your parents, brother(s) or sister(s) because of your social media use?’


In the visualisation below:

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