Welcome to AIM- Delivering state of the art microscopy and imaging to University of Galway's research community

Anatomy Imaging and Microscopy (AIM) is a University of Galway core facility dedicated to providing scientists with a variety of high-end light and electron microscopes along cutting-edge imaging software and analysis tools. 

NEWS SFI funded Microscopy & Imaging Equipment Arriving Soon

The AIM team are expecting delivery of the following SFI funded new equipment in the coming weeks..  

Zeiss ELYRA 7 Lattice SIM for live cell super-resolution imaging 

STELLARIS 8 DIVE Multiphoton Microscope for flexible multicolour multiphoton imaging with FAst Lifetime COntrast (FALCON) 

More information on how to access, training and collaboration opportunities to follow soon. 

*RECRUITING* Postdoctoral Researchers - Support through application procedure.

If you are currently looking for Postdoctoral funding and are intersted in the development of Correlative and Multimodal Imaging workflows the AIM team would love to hear from you.