2022 Publications

Rajib Dey, Sergey Alexandrov, Peter Owens, Jack Kelly, Sine Phelan, and Martin Leahy, "Skin cancer margin detection using nanosensitive optical coherence tomography and a comparative study with confocal microscopy," Biomed. Opt. Express 13, 5654-5666 (2022)

H. Allison, L.M. O'Sullivan, L.M. McNamara,Temporal changes in cortical microporosity during estrogen deficiency associated with perilacunar resorption and osteocyte apoptosis: A pilot study,Bone Reports,Volume 16,2022

 Avazzadeh, Sahar, Mahshid H Dehkordi, Peter Owens, Amirhossein Jalali, Barry O'Brien, Ken Coffey, Martin O'Halloran, Howard O Fernhead, David Keane, and Leo R Quinlan. "Establishing Electroporation Thresholds for Targeted Cell Specific Cardiac Ablation in a 2D Culture Model." Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology. 33.9 (2022): 2050-061. Web.

 Yicheng Ding, Eva Carvalho, Cormac Murphy, Veronica McInerney, Janusz Krawczyk, Timothy O'Brien, Linda Howard, Li Cai, Sanbing Shen,Corrigendum to “Derivation of familial iPSC lines from three patients with retinitis pigmentosa carrying an autosomal dominant RPE65 mutation (NUIGi027-A, NUIGi028-A, NUIGi029-A)” [Stem Cell Res. (43) 2020 101665],Stem Cell Research,Volume 63,2022.

 Mohanakrishnan Logan, Lea Chua Tan, Piet N.L. Lens,Anaerobic co-digestion of dissolved air floatation slurry and selenium rich wastewater for simultaneous methane production and selenium bioremediation,International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation,Volume 172,2022.

 Eleni Chrysostomou, Hakima Flici, Sebastian G Gornik, Miguel Salinas-Saavedra, James M Gahan, Emma T McMahon, Kerry Thompson, Shirley Hanley, Michelle Kincoyne, Christine E Schnitzler, Paul Gonzalez, Andreas D Baxevanis, Uri Frank (2022) A cellular and molecular analysis of SoxB-driven neurogenesis in a cnidarian eLife 11:e78793

S. Hennessey, C. S. Burke, R. González-Gómez, D. Sensharma, W. Tong Amal, C. Katalikkattil, F. Cucinotta, W. Schmitt, T. E. Keyes, P. Farràs, A Photostable 1D Ruthenium−Zinc Coordination Polymer as a Multimetallic Building Block for Light Harvesting Systems,ChemPhotoChem 20226, e202100299.

  "Biological Removal of Gas‐phase H 2 S." Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology. 97.5 (2022): 1149-161. Web.

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Khan, Neyaz A, Navdeep Kaur, Peter Owens, Olivier P Thomas, and Aoife Boyd. "Bis-Indole Alkaloids Isolated from the Sponge Spongosorites Calcicola Disrupt Cell Membranes of MRSA." International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 23.4 (2022): 1991. Web.

Huno, Solomon K M, Jewel Das, Eric D Van Hullebusch, Ajit P Annachhatre, and Eldon R Rene. "Nitrate Removal from Groundwater Using Chemically Modified Coconut Husk Based Granular Activated Carbon: Characterization of the Adsorbent, Kinetics and Mechanism." Systems Microbiology and Biomanufacturing (2022): Systems Microbiology and Biomanufacturing , 2022. Web.

De Marco Verissimo, Carolina, Jewhurst, Heather L, Dobó, József, Gál, Péter, Dalton, John P, Cwiklinski, Krystyna, and Skelly, Patrick J. "Fasciola Hepatica Is Refractory to Complement Killing by Preventing Attachment of Mannose Binding Lectin (MBL) and Inhibiting MBL-associated Serine Proteases (MASPs) with Serpins." PLOS Pathogens : A Peer-reviewed Open-access Journal Published by the Public Library of Science. 18.1 (2022): E1010226. Web.


2021 publications

PAOLO CONTESSOTTO, DORIANA ORBANIĆ, MARK DA COSTA, CHUNSHENG JIN, PETER OWENS, SANDRINE CHANTEPIE, CLIZIA CHINELLO, JOHN NEWELL, FULVIO MAGNI, DULCE PAPY-GARCIA, NICLAS G. KARLSSON, MICHELLE KILCOYNE, PETER DOCKERY, JOSÉ C. RODRÍGUEZ-CABELLO, ABHAY PANDIT Elastin-like recombinamers-based hydrogel modulates post-ischemic remodeling in a non-transmural myocardial infarction in sheep  SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE17 FEB 2021 Vol. 13, Issue 581, eaaz5380 DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aaz5380

Dwivedi, Anushree, Aoife Glynn, Sarah Johnson, Sharon Duffy, Behrooz Fereidoonnezhad, Patrick McGarry, Michael Gilvarry, and Ray McCarthy. "Measuring the Effect of Thrombosis, Thrombus Maturation and Thrombolysis on Clot Mechanical Properties in an In-vitro Model." Journal of Biomechanics. 129 (2021): 110731. Web.

Leonard, Niamh A, Eileen Reidy, Kerry Thompson, Emma McDermott, Eleonora Peerani, Elena Tomas Bort, Frances R Balkwill, Daniela Loessner, and Aideen E Ryan. "Stromal Cells Promote Matrix Deposition, Remodelling and an Immunosuppressive Tumour Microenvironment in a 3D Model of Colon Cancer." Cancers. 13.23 (2021): 5998. Web.

Liu, Min, Ge, Ning, Han, Yongfeng, Reilly, Jamie, Yang, Meimei, Yang, Fan, Krawczyk, Janusz, McInerney, Veronica, O'Brien, Timothy, Prendiville, Terence, and Shen, Sanbing. "Generation and Characterization of Three Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Lines (NUIGi046-A, NUIGi046-B, NUIGi046-C) from a 51-year-old Healthy Individual." Stem Cell Research. 57 (2021): 102607. Web.

Avazzadeh, Sahar, Quinlan, Leo R, Reilly, Jamie, McDonagh, Katya, Jalali, Amirhossein, Wang, Yanqin, McInerney, Veronica, Krawczyk, Janusz, Ding, Yicheng, Fitzgerald, Jacqueline, O’Sullivan, Matthew, Forman, Eva B, Lynch, Sally A, Ennis, Sean, Feerick, Niamh, Reilly, Richard, Li, Weidong, Shen, Xu, Yang, Guangming, and Lu, Yin. "NRXN1α /- Is Associated with Increased Excitability in ASD IPSC-derived Neurons." BMC Neuroscience. 22.1 (2021): BMC Neuroscience. , 2021, Vol.22(1). Web.


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 Rebelo, Ana Lúcia, Paolo Contessotto, Kieran Joyce, Michelle Kilcoyne, and Abhay Pandit. "An Optimized Protocol for Combined Fluorescent Lectin/immunohistochemistry to Characterize Tissue-specific Glycan Distribution in Human or Rodent Tissues.STAR Protocols. 2.1 (2021): 100237. Web.

Casey, Vincent J, Cian Martin, Peter Curtin, Kevin Buckley, and Laoise M McNamara. "Comparison of Surgical Smoke Generated During Electrosurgery with Aerosolized Particulates from Ultrasonic and High-Speed Cutting." Annals of Biomedical Engineering. 49.2 (2021): 560-72.