QA423 Disposal of PC Suite Hardware

Policy covering the reuse and disposal of PC Suite hardware

PCs in the General Access and Departmental PC suites are renewed every six years, to coincide with their warranty expiration.

ISS decommission these PCs during the summer and replace them with new models. As the old PCs are University property, they will be re-used within the University when there is demand for them. If not, they will be donated to CKI (Community Knowledge Initiative) who will pass them on to various charities etc.

ISS will re-distribute these PCs to the following areas:

  • Administrative staff
  • Technical staff
  • Postgraduate students
  • Academic staff for home use

In the case of departmentally funded PCs, the funding department can decide where to re-distribute their PCs in the first instance. They should be given to the same four groups listed above. If there is insufficient local demand, they can be given to ISS who will manage their re-distribution.

In all the above cases, ISS will re-image these PCs with the standard staff desktop.

In the case where PCs are being sent to CKI, they will first be wiped of all licensed software prior to leaving the University. The disposal of these PCs must be done via the standard “Asset Disposal” process, available from Financial Accounting: