QA426 Print Credit Refund Policy

Print credit may be re-credited but cash refunds are not made under any circumstances.

Queries relating to print jobs or print credit account transactions should be brought to the attention of the ISS Service Desk (Tel. ext. 5777 direct dial 091 495777 email

Queries relating to online purchase of print credit should be made within three working days of the transaction in question.

What are your responsibilities?

  • You are responsible for setting print parameters correctly at the time you submit a print job e.g. specifying either a black-and-white or colour printer. If you accidentally print black and white pages on a colour printer, you will still be charged for the more expensive output.    

  • Please ensure that the print job does not contain any unnecessary blank pages as these are also chargeable.  You will also be charged if your print job contains more pages than was expected (this can happen with certain web pages).  For these reasons, it is strongly recommend that you use the Print Preview feature within the application before submitting your print job.

Print jobs that do not print correctly due to equipment failure or malfunction will be re-printed at no charge to you by the ISS Service Desk. Alternatively, your print credit account will be re-credited by the relevant amount. 

In cases where you are seeking a re-print or re-credit, you must contact with the ISS Service Desk within three working daysand you are responsible for submitting any physical evidence of the incorrectly printed job to support staff.