CORE Enterprise HR is the University’s IT solution for its human resource requirements, payroll, business intelligence and employee self-service.  CORE is a critical enterprise service for the University and includes the following 12 service elements –

Core Portal

5 Service ElementsCorePortal / Core ESS  This suite of modules allows employees to perform traditional HR tasks from the Web. Currently, at NUI Galway, the following services are available – 
 1 My Time Self Service An intuitive, web-enabled time and attendance solution designed to streamline time and attendance management and increase the University’s efficiency
 2 My Personnel Self Service A web tool to view and edit certain personnel details
 3 My Payroll Self Service A web tool to view and edit payroll details
 4 My e-Recruitment Self Service A web tool to manage applications for vacancies
5       My Pension A web tool to view Pension details and calculator

 How to Obtain this Service

Who Can Use This Service
  • Core Portal; NUI Galway Staff
    Note: This service is not available to Students and T account holders or prospective external applicants.

Core Back Office

 7 Service elementsCore Back Office This suite of modules allows employees to complete HR, payroll, pensions, reporting and administrative tasks. Currently, at NUI Galway, the following services are available –
 1 CorePersonnel A module that manages employees through their life cycle at the University, from recruitment through to retirement. It provides NUIG with tools to streamline and improve employee management. CoreTime Supervisory Reporting is also encapsulated here
 2 CorePay A Payroll solution that is effective and accurate by providing a multitude of features to help streamline and optimise the entire payroll process
 3 CoreTime A module for supervisors and managers to manage employee’s time logged in MyTime self-service
 4 CoreBI Core BI is a facility where employees can create reports and complete analysis of data from the Core module suite. The front end tool to access this data is Oracle Discoverer.
Oracle Reports is currently in use at NUIG for printing timesheet reports and generating Pension Statements. Both report types extract data from the Core database.
 5 CorePension A module to provide accurate and reliable pension data including the administration of pension schemes
 6 CoreBudget A module that provides the ability to create budget templates to combine previous and existing budget data and forecast future budget information
7 CoreSecurity A module to administer user rights access to all Core back-office modules is administered. Currently used by ISS employees (level 2 and 3) only

How To Obtain This Service

  • Access to Core Back Office -
    All-access requests for NUI Galway employees are entered via tickets to the Service Desk. Accounts are set up based on approval sign off email from the relevant Business Unit (HR/Research Accounts Office/Payroll/Finance/Pensions) being included on the ticket and access provisioning performed by ISS. The ticket should confirm the menu profiles required as agreed.  Link to Core Back Office: 
Who Can Use This Service
  • Core Back Office; NUI Galway Staff (HR authorisation required).
    E (External) account holders (HR authorisation required).
    Note: This service is not available to Students and T account holders.
  • Access to eRecruitment for third parties -  The third-party launches the following website – eRecuritement and registers with a valid email address and other personal details.
Prerequisites for the use of this service
  • Employee record exists in Core Personnel
  • Internet Explorer with Java version 8 update 211.

Note: All employees must adhere to the recommended platform for all standard computers in use in NUI Galway -

  • CorePortal available on and off-campus using any web browser.
  • Back Office accessible on wired campus connections only, using Edge.

There is no charge to employees for the use of the Core applications

Related Information

For technical support queries, contact the Service Desk