Institutional Research Information System (IRIS)


The service collates information from internal and external information sources to produce an online CV for NUI Galway academic staff, research staff and research students. The information sources include the University Financial and HR systems, the Institutional Repository (ARAN, DSPACE) and External Citation Indexes (PubMed, Web of Science). The service can publish information on the NUI Galway website to showcase NUI Galway’s Academic and Research achievements to a global audience.

How To Obtain This Service

The service is accessible on and off campus via

Who Can Use This Service
  • Academic Staff
  • Research Staff
  • Research students
Prerequisites For The Use This Service

A University of Galway campus account is required to access the service.


Available 24x7, off and on campus.


There is no charge for the service.

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Access/Training Queries Contact Research Support Service ext 5168

Campus Account/Password Queries contact the Service Desk