Where we are situated

The Planning and Institutional Research Office is situated in the Quad at the heart of the university and is a key division of the Office of the Secretary for Governance & Academic Affairs.

Institutional Research Office Secretary for Governance & Academic Affairs Office of the vice-president for research and Innovation President's Office

What we do

Our office provides a comprehensive range of services relating to strategic data management and planning for the University.  We provide leadership in the management of strategic information on performance and business intelligence for decision-making and institutional planning.  We aim to lead in the development of a culture that embeds business intelligence throughout the organisation, enabling the University to measure and monitor activities, outputs and performance on many levels, using metrics aligned with University strategy.

‌The office:

  • Supports and advises on the development and maintenance of performance indicators, operational plans and internal and external teaching, research and social impact benchmarking analysis to support and inform the Universities strategic objectives. 
  • Coordinates, analyses and reports diverse and complex information to inform decision making across the University and its various Departments. 
  • Supports the compilation, analysis and timely submission of data for external bodies such as University Rankings, HEA and the IUA.
  • Researches demographic and student application trends.
  • Analyses and reporting on surveys such as students surveys.