A number of surveys are completed across University of Galway, eliciting Staff and Student perspectives, perceptions, satisfaction and feedback on any number of matters across the University with a view to informing internal dialogue and decision making. Staff and students' time and opinions are both valuable to University of Galway.  We encourage you to take part in surveys but understand that you may be asked to take part in a number of surveys throughout the year.  Always read the invite to participate and check that you understand what the survey is for, and how your feedback will be used; prioritise those surveys which specify how they will use your feedback to make life at University of Galway better.

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Student Surveys

Student surveys are an important tool for students to provide feedback on university experiences, educational quality, institutional effectiveness and student satisfaction, and play an important role in the involvement of students in university management and governance at University of Galway.

In addition to the Student Evaluation of Teaching where students give feedback on modules and programmes during the semester, University of Galway participates annually in the national student survey carried out across all institutions in Ireland.  This survey benchmarks the students' experience on various levels of engagement throughout their study in First year, Final year and Postgraduate years, see more below.

Student Survey in Ireland -StudentSurveyIE

StudentSurveyIE (formerly known as The Irish Survey of Student Engagement or ISSE) has been running every year since 2013. The central aim of this national survey is to develop a valuable source of information about students’ experiences of higher education in Ireland. The survey seeks to collect information on student engagement across all aspects of university life, with a particular focus on how students engage with their learning environments. Students are ultimately responsible for their own learning but this depends on institutions and staff creating an environment that encourages and promotes student involvement in educationally-relevant activities. The results from the survey help institutions celebrate and enhance areas of strength and identify and address areas of weakness.

The development of the ISSE was informed by experiences gained from other countries where similar surveys are already in place. In particular, the ISSE is closely related to the Australasian Survey of Student Engagement (AUSSE, in operation since 2007), which has formative links with the US National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE, in operation since 2000). The ISSE is a comprehensive, sophisticated, internationally validated and robust survey instrument designed to elicit feedback on multiple complex themes that are pertinent to monitoring the experience of the students enrolled in our higher education institutions.

Other institutions

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