Publishing Guidelines for Researchers

1.    Ensure you have the correct University Affiliation:

As a University employee or research student, or an affiliate with honorary status, when publishing journal articles and other works associated with research undertaken while at the University, you must declare your primary affiliation to be the University of Galway. Publications can often get misaligned to other universities or indeed to other people who have similar names. Best practices are listed below to ensure the correct alignment of both the institution's and the individual researcher's name. 

a)    Your Institution
When publishing, always use the same institutional name and always use the designated university name the University of Galway when submitting your manuscript for publication. 

b)    Multiple Affiliations
You may also wish to include your school or research group, but always LIST THE UNIVERSITY FIRST as this is the safest method for ensuring that the institution (and thus the appropriate school/research group) receives the credit for the publication in the bibliographic databases and analysis.

For multiple affiliations please ensure a semicolon is used in between the different affiliation entities e.g. 
University of Galway; Ryan Institute; School of Natural Sciences.

Where an author has a substantive or honorary contact with the University and, say, the HSE, both organisations can appear as affiliations in submissions for publication. 

2.    Ensure you are using the correct/consistent version of Your Name:

When publishing, always use the same author name. Problems can arise due to:

  • Authors alternating between the English and Irish versions of their name
  • Authors alternating between using middle initials and/or shortened versions of their first name
  • Common names e.g John O' Brien, Mary Ward etc
  • Name changes, e.g. marriage

See more on how to manage your profile with a unique author id: Tips for managing your research profile 

 3. Create your ORCID (

This unique identifier helps overcome issues with wrong affiliations and author names and will make it easier to identify you as the author of scholarly work. Include it on your personal webpage, when submitting publications and when applying for grants – see here for further guidelines. Including your ORCID when publishing will make it easier to associate you with the publication in bibliographic databases and make sure that you are credited for your work.

4. If your article has been accepted for Publication:

a. Ensure it is recorded on University of Galway’s Institutional Research Information System IRIS and uploaded onto University of Galway’s open access repository ARAN.

b.    Ensure you are complying with any specific funder requirements as set out in your Grant Agreement/Letter of Offer – the Research Office can offer further guidance on this

c.    Consider how you will manage access to Research Data - more details are available here 

5. Broadening your Research Impact:

Finally from once you have correctly aligned your university and your own unique author id, please see here tips for Broadening your Research Impact