Entry Requirements


Please check individual programme pages to see whether the entry requirements are a 2:2 or 2:1.

Entry Level


Irish Leaving Cert points: 300 to 375

Irish Leaving Cert points: 376 to 425

Irish Leaving Cert points: 426 to 499

Irish Leaving Cert points: 500 to 549

Irish Leaving Cert points: 550 to 600

Foundation Programme Refer to Foundation providers  N/A  N/A  N/A   N/A   N/A
Undergraduate Programmes
Diplomë e Maturës Shtetërore (Diploma of State Matura) Minimum overall 6.0, with at least 2 subjects at 7
For courses that require Math, 7 in Diplome or 10 in Deftese is required. For higher level Math requirements, 9 in Diplome is required
6.0 Average or higher  7.0 Average or higher
 8.0 Average or higher 9.0 Average or higher 9.5 Average or higher

Entry Level


Minimum Grade Required/Degree 2:2 Equivalent Very Good/2:1 Equivalent Excellent/1st Equivalent    
Postgraduate Programmes  Diplomë e Nivelit të Pare / Bachelor (First Level (University) Diploma / Bachelor's degree)   8.0 or higher 9 or higher 10 or higher    


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