Entry Requirements


Please check individual programme pages to see whether the entry requirements are a 2:2 or 2:1.

Entry Level


Irish Leaving Cert points: 300 to 375

Irish Leaving Cert points: 376 to 425

Irish Leaving Cert points: 426 to 499

Irish Leaving Cert points: 500 to 549

Irish Leaving Cert points: 550 to 600

Foundation Programme Certificate of Secondary General Education  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A
Undergraduate Programmes
Araratian Baccalaureate (AB)
Refer to Cambridge International        
Certificate of Secondary General Education AND Certificate of Unified Examination
Average of 14 or higher Average of 15 or higher Average of 16 or higher Average of 17 or higher Average of 19 or higher
Certificate of Secondary General Education AND Foundation course recognised by University of Galway

Entry Level


Minimum Grade Required/Degree 2:2 Equivalent Very Good/2:1 Equivalent Excellent/1st Equivalent    
Postgraduate Programmes 
Bachelor degree (awarded post-2005)
Specialist Diploma
2.5/4.0 or 60% or 13 3.0/4.0 or 70% or 15 3.5/4.0 or 80% or 17    

Student Profiles

Students from Afghanistan

Ataur Rahman, MSc Hydrology

"I am fortunate enough to have completed a world-class course in Hydrology at National University of Ireland, Galway which was taught by world-leading academics and researchers. Since my course completion in 1990, I have been able to play a key role in hydrologic application and research in Bangladesh and Australia based on the knowledge I gained from my studies in Galway."

Professor Ataur Rahman, MSc Hydrology, NUIG, 1990 Graduating Class Water and Environmental Engineering, School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics, University of Western Sydney