LLM Scholarships

The University of Galway offers a number of taught masters scholarships, including a Postgraduate Merit Scholarship valued at €2,000 per student, and several other country-specific scholarships (including for applicants from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ghana, India, Mexico, Columbia and the United States). More information can be found on Scholarships for International Students page. 

Any additional scholarships that will be available will be notified through this site. This will be updated annually. At the moment the centre expects to be able to attract Bursaries from the University in the form of partial fee waivers. These bursaries are aimed an non-EU students who would be liable to fees 2.5 times that attaching to EU students. Please note that while all non-EU students can apply, preference is given to those non-EU candidates drawn from developing countries. Candidates from non-EU countries who would like to be considered for these awards must send a covering letter and a full CV along with their application package.

PhD Scholarships

The University of Galway offers a number of scholarships for PhD students.

The School of Law at the University of Galway offers a number of doctoral fellowships each year. Details of this funding can be found on the School of Law's Scholarship page.

The Hardiman Research Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship scheme at the University of Galway, offering four years of PhD funding (fees and maintenance) 

The Irish Research Council also offers PhD funding, covering four years of PhD funding (fees and maintenance)