Christina Murphy |   Health Promotion

‌I applied for a PhD in Health Promotion due to the interdisciplinary nature of the teaching and research undertaken within the discipline. I desired a course which adopted a cross-sectoral approach due to both my proposed research topic and educational background. As my background was not in Health Promotion, I was afforded the opportunity to attend lectures offered through the MA in Health Promotion. This opportunity enhanced my awareness of the development of Health Promotion and further illustrated the importance of engaging with multiple sectors and disciplines. The expertise and support of my PhD supervisor, as well as the general assistance offered from all staff, has continuously reaffirmed my decision to apply for this course.

Siobhan O' Higgins |   Health Promotion

I worked as a Youth and Community worker and then become involved as a researcher with the HPRC. Having gained a scholarship from the Office of the Minster for Children and Youth Affairs, I have just completed a three year PhD research project using the Participatory Research Process (PRP) exploring with post-primary school students what they would like to learn and how they would like to be taught in relation to sexuality and relationships. The data generated, collated and then presented in 'Webs' by the young participants was presented to RSE teachers who discussed what they would need to teach the suggested learning out comes using the teaching methodologies advanced by the school-students.

Yetunde John-Akinola |   Health Promotion

I was a PhD student in the Health Promotion Research Centre (HPRC). My area of research involved children and parents’ participation and the socio-ecological perspectives on their role in effecting the school environment. I have worked as a Health Promotion lecturer in Nigeria for two years. The diverse research areas and interactions with researchers in the HPRC, which is also a World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre, have broadened my scope of research and learning in Health Promotion research. As a member of the Health Behaviour in School Aged Children (HBSC), I developed more interest in researching with children and hope to build more of my future research with children. The HPRC is really a very motivating and friendly research environment.