Welcome to Bacteriology

The Orbsen Building

The Discipline of Bacteriology aims to advance human health and wellbeing through education, research, innovation and community engagement.

We have a dynamic and vibrant research group whose interests include antimicrobial resistance, epidemiology, food and water borne pathogens, the impact of the environment on human health, and the economic and societal impact of infection. 

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Contact Information

The Discipline of Bacteriology is located on the first floor of the Orbsen Building.

Discipline of Bacteriology 
Orbsen Building, 
University of Galway,
Galway, Ireland

Phone: +353 (0)91 524222 

email:  debbie.monroe@universityofgalway.ie

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Current and Recent Research Projects

Working with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Centre for One Health.


Secret Life of Microbes

Secret Life of Microbes

Visit our outreach website for schools to have fun learning all about microbes, infection and antibiotic resistance!