Clinical Microbiology is delivered as part of the Health and Disease Modules 1 (Semester 2 Year 2) and 2 (Semester 1 Year 3).  These modules also include Pathology and Public Health.   

The core Clinical Microbiology content is outlined in a set of notes that is updated annually. In addition Powerpoint files of lectures are available on Blackboard after each lecture is delivered.

Teaching includes lectures, tutorials and practical classes. The tutorials are based on important clinical presentations and are prepared and delivered by students with faculty direction.

The emphasis in teaching is on clinically relevant microbiology and students are encouraged to relate the teaching in Clinical Microbiology to other modules.

The University Discipline of Bacteriology is closely associated with the Department of Medical Microbiology at Galway University Hospital, Galway . The clinical teaching staff in the department also hold appointments as Consultant Microbiologists in U.C.H.G.


The Discipline of Bacteriology is also responsible for delivery of the Human Genetics Module in Semester 1 of Year 2.