Secret Life of Microbes

Secret Life of Microbes

Have fun learning about microbes, infection and antibiotic resistance! We have games, experiments and quizzes.


The Secret Life of Micorbes is a website developed by Dr Georgios Miliotis and the Antimicobial Resistance and Microbial Ecology Group, Discipline of Bacteriology, NUI Galway. In 2020 the Coronavirus pandemic meant that we could not visit schools around Galway with our usual workshop, so we decided to put the workshop online instead for school goers everywhere to enjoy!

  • The website has interactive videos on all things microbe related, including experiments, games and quizzes that you can do at home!
  • Students will be able to explore their secret life and learn all about the invisible world or viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  • We tell you about the good microbes, like the ones that make cheese, bread and beer and the ones that live inside us and help us to break down our food.
  • We talk about some of the bad bugs that cause infection and how you can help to break the chain of infection!
  • We explain why antibiotics are so important, what antibiotc resistance is and what you can do to help keep antibiotics working.
  • We explain how microbes are everywhere - inside humans, animals and everywhere in the natural environment and what the concept of "One Health" means.

We hope you enjoy learning about the secret life of microbes!