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Antony Wheatley, Professor and Head of Department of Physiology
Antony Wheatley, Professor and Chair of Physiology

Physiology is one of the longest established disciplines at University of Galway.   Housed in the new Human Biology Building, the discipline is affiliated with the College of Medicine, Nursing and  Health Sciences and a biomedical cognate discipline in the College of Science

Physiology is the study of human body function, from activity of individuals cells to function of the various bodily systems such as the cardiovascular, respiratory, renal and nervous systems and how they integrate.  We are committed to delivering high quality engaging teaching across all levels.  Physiology delivers and contributes to a number of undergraduate programmes in Medicine, Nursing, Health Sciences, Science and Biomedical Science.  Furthermore, we have established the MSc in Exercise Physiology and its Application in Therapy.  The discipline is highly research active with an overarching focus on Life Long Health.  Research strengths within the Discipline are in the areas of Neurophysiology; Reproduction, Development and Aging; and Exercise.

Did you know.....

Human physiology is the oldest branch of physiological science.  It dates back to at least 420 B.C. and the time of Hippocrates, the father of medicine.  Modern physiology first appeared in the seventeenth century when scientific method of observation and experimentation were used to study the movement of blood in the body. 

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