MSc in Exercise Physiology and its Application in Therapy 

 The MSc in Exercise Physiology and its Application in Therapy is the flag ship MSc programme within Physiology. In this course students develop an advanced knowledge of exercise physiology including a full understanding of physiological processes and changes that occur during different types of exercise. Students will understand how these changes are beneficial to general health and fitness. Students will have a clear understanding of exercise testing and prescription in health and in certain chronic disease settings. Topics featured in the lecture series include nerve-muscle physiology, cardiorespiratory physiology, kinesiology, integrated physiological responses to exercise and methods of evaluation, metabolism and nutrition in exercise, scientific principles of exercise prescription, methods of physiological assessment during exercise in healthy and clinical populations. Students will gain hands on experience in conducting exercise tests and physiological assessment of fitness

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MSc in Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation

The MSc in Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation (a blended learning programme: mode of study is taught and online) will provide knowledge and skill sets required for exercise prescription in a clinical setting. Physical interventions consisting of personalised exercise is a crucial component of rehabilitation programs for people recovering from chronic disorders and musculoskeletal injury. These interventions when tailored to the individuals’ current physical fitness can help to reduce the symptoms of disease and improve their physical function and quality of life. Such physical interventions also help to reduce the risks of developing further comorbidities. This course will help qualified physiotherapists obtain specific skills in applying exercise physiology interventions in a clinical setting for rehabilitation of patients and obtain the compulsory CPD credits required for their professional development and progression.

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