Postgraduate Research Programmes

We welcome applications from highly-motivated and high-achieving individuals for a PhD or a structured MSc programme in the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. The Hardiman Scholarship scheme is now closed for applications for those interested in applying for 2022 entry, will reopen later in the year.  The Hardiman PhD Scholarships are fully funded for four years, with a stipend of €18,500 p.a. plus fees.  

What Our Student Researchers Say


Divya Ravikumar |   PhD Scholar

I joined NUI Galway in 2018 with the intent of completing my Masters in Health Promotion in the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences before embarking on a career as a clinical dietitian in a hospital setting. However, my course in NUI Galway, reignited a love of learning that I had felt since childhood. It made me curious about other fields in healthcare and moved my interests towards the field of public health nutrition. It also gave me an appreciation for the importance of health equity and the health disparities that exist within populations from lower socio-economic backgrounds, within Ireland and abroad. I began to consult my lecturers about conducting a PhD during my Masters course. They were excited and encouraging and they confirmed that this was the right field for me. I received a scholarship this year from the Irish Research Council to conduct postgraduate research on strategies to improve food provision to the homeless population, research I will conduct in the Discipline of Health Promotion in the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to be a student in this College for the next four years.

Aisling Flynn |   PhD Scholar

I stared out in NUI Galway as an undergraduate student where I received my BSc in Occupational Therapy in 2018. This gave me a rich understanding of person-centered and holistic care. Following graduation, I worked in dementia care as an Occupational Therapist. It was here that my interest in the use of technology to address the psychosocial needs of people with dementia emerged. The School of Nursing and Midwifery has led many research projects focused on the psychosocial aspects of dementia, in particular how technology can enhance the quality of life and welfare of people with dementia and their carers. This consolidated my decision to return to NUIG and apply for an SFI scholarship to pursue my PhD, as I aspire to produce research which can impact the lives of people with dementia and their families. Here, I am supported by a team of experts who can expand my knowledge helping to shape my own research and my future career. Having access to such expertise and skills based on my doorstep is a wonderful opportunity as it allows me to be at the cutting edge of different research. I would highly recommend pursuing your PhD in the School of Nursing and Midwifery.

John Ivory |   PhD Scholar

Having worked in healthcare research for more than 10 years, undertaking a PhD in the field seemed like a natural step forwards. I chose a structured PhD program at NUI Galway because after working as a research assistant in the CMNHS School of Nursing & Midwifery since 2017, I knew that the people, facilities and systems necessary to navigate a PhD program successfully were well established there. I am a part of the HRB CDA DFD PRIMO program which has brought seven post-graduate students together to tackle diabetic foot disease from multiple angles. This collaborative approach ensures that I have access to diverse perspectives on the condition and that I have a peer and expertise network close at hand which I think is essential when undertaking a project such as mine. I have two highly experienced, conscientious supervisors who are investing significant time and energy in bringing out the best in me as I see this project through to completion. In addition, NUI Galway has provided a wide choice of learning modules from which I was able to choose those that best match my interests and will undoubtedly help me develop transferrable skills to take with me into the workplace.