Office 2016 Windows Install

Step 1 - Uninstall Office 2013 - (Uninstalling Office 2010 Is The Same But May Have Slightly Different Screenshots)

Uninstall of Office 2013

1) Click on Windows Menu - Control Panel - Programs and Features

Control Panel

2) Scroll to Microsoft Office Profession Plus 2013 and click on it once to highlight it

Uninstall SS

3) Click on uninstall - The uninstall option will appear at the top of the screen once you highlight Office 2013

Install SS 3

4) Click on YES to remove Office 2013

You may be prompted to restart your PC. If you are not prompted and you get a message to say the uninstall was successful, please restart your PC regardless

Step 2 - Install Office 2016 From Office 365

1)  Go to Office 365

  • Login as eg -
  • Click on Account Manager (your initals in right of screen) and Select View Account
2) Click on Office apps

3) Click on Install Office

4) - Click Save File or Save depending on the browser you utilise.

5) - Generally all downloads will go to the Downloads directory (in File Explorer). 

Double click on OfficeSetup.exe

6) - Click run


7) - If prompted by User Account Control, click Yes


8) - The Office installation will begin


9) - Once complete, you will receive a message on the screen indicating success. Click Close


You will notice that the icons for Office 2016 appearing on your taskbar at the bottom of your screen


10) - You can also find the Office 2016 apps by clicking on Start - All Programs


11) - Click on Outlook. You will be prompted to enter your and password.

Be sure to click on Remember my Credentials and Click OK

12) - Type in your and click next to activate Office


13) - Enter your credientials and click Sign In

14)  - Click OK