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What is Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app that helps your team stay organized and have conversations—all in one place. It allows you to create private or open channels for rich conversations which are enhanced by integrated file sharing, conference style meetings like skype, record or share notes and link content from your favorite apps.   You can organise and customise your chat space with minimal effort and data compliance  is built into the platform so you don't have to worry about it.

Getting to know Microsoft Teams

Teams is simple to use. Aside from chat, there are lots you can do including files, notes, meetings and apps to enrich your conversations.  You don't have to use everything the Teams platform has to offer, the features are well grouped & organised to make it intuitive to navigate and use with very little or even no guidance at all.  Teams is worth taking time to explore with the aid of some good guidance if needed.  At it's core, Teams is a communications tool with extraordinary capabilities for enriching your conversations in various ways.

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How do I Access Teams?

Teams can accessed from the waffle tile / apps section of you Office365 account.

  1. In your web-browser, sign in with your University credentials
  2. Click the application launcher located on the top left of the screen (behind the waffle)
  3. Scroll down and select Teams from the list of applications

Are all web Browsers Supported?

Safari is not currently supported, but any other modern web browser should work and a policy of 'latest or immediate previous release' applies to the Teams application.  Microsoft say that they're working to make it supported on Safari and this will be announced in the Teams Roadmap

Is there a Desktop Version of Teams that can be Downloaded?

Yes, there is. To access Teams via the Desktop Client:

  1. Complete steps to access Teams via the web 
  2. Click your profile photo at the top right and select Download Desktop app
  3. Once installed, launch Teams from your desktop apps menu If prompted, sign in with your University Office 365 username and password

Can I Download a Teams App for my Mobile Device?

Yes, you can. Teams is available on Android and Apple. To access Teams via your Mobile App:

  1. Download Teams onto your phone from the Android Play store for Android phones, or through the App Store for iOS
  2. If prompted, sign in with your University credentials

Are there any Limitations I Should know about?


Teams is available to both Staff and Students at NUI Galway only.

Dial-in calls

Dial in is not possible in Teams. 

Web browsers

Users trying to open the Microsoft Teams web client on Safari are directed to download the desktop client. Microsoft is looking into Safari support and will share updates on the Teams Roadmap. Supported web browsers include: Internet Explorer 11+, Microsoft Edge 12+, Chrome 51.0+, and Firefox 47.0+.

Feature Limits

Teams per use - 250
Members per team - 2,500
Channels per team - 200 (includes deleted channels held in retention for up to 90 days)
People per meeting - 250
People per private chat - 50

Storage Limits

Storage - 25Tb per site collection/ group
File Upload - 15Gb

Messaging Limits

Message size - 25Kb
File Attachments - 10
Inline image attachments - 50

What Developments are Coming in Teams that I Should know about?

Microsoft continues to evolve the Teams platform and they document all changes for teams in their planboard which includes timelines for changes and those in the process of deployment.   The resource is simple to navigate, filter and search.

Where can I go for more Information to help me on my Teams Journey?

Microsoft have a wealth of resources to help you navigate your journey with Teams. See their vast training documentation here for more information. 

I have a Question not Answered here. What can I do?

If anything is unclear get in touch with ISS. We will help where we can.