Welcome back to University of Galway - Continuing Students

  • When you receive results from either Summer or Autumn exams confirming you have passed 22/23, you are eligible to register for the next (continuing) year.


Registrations this late in the academic year require permission to return to studies.  Obtain Permission from College / School and  forward to registration@universityofgalway.ie 

Contact the Fees Office at fees@universityofgalway.ie .   Once the Fees Office have cleared you to register, email registration@universityofgalway.ie with confirmation of same.

In order for us to manually register you, we require your authorisation in writing that you want to register and accept the Universities Terms & Conditions. 
I am hereby bound by the Terms & Conditions set out in the attached link and by emailing registration@universityofgalway.ie  I confirm my consent.

How do I add modules to my record?

· You must get approval from your Course Director with regard to what modules you are allowed to take at this stage.
· You can list the modules you want to take and email your Course Director, copying registration@universityofgalway.ie. Once they approve the mail, we can add the modules for you.

2017 blank ID card

Y‌our ID card issued to you at the start of your course is your card for the duration of your programme.  if you require a new card, contact the Student Registry Helpdesk

Continuing / Progressing to next year of your Programme

Online registration for your course is now closed.  See here for the next module registration . change of mind opening dates for your programme.  

Repeating the year

If you fail modules in Autumn 2022/2023, you are eligible to register as a repeat student for 2023/24.

  • Any modules previously passed are classed as “exempt” on your registration record.  Other modules you are taking this year for credit will have a status of “registered” beside them.
  • Please note that you cannot re-sit any modules previously sat and passed
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all details of registered modules and exemptions listed on your registration statement are correct. 
  • In some instances, some of the modules that you sat and passed may not automatically carry over to your repeat record as exempt - this is due to the fact that they are not available on your Course Syllabus for your repeat year.  In this case, we will manually add the value of these credits in the form of EX005, EX010 etc - please ensure that you only register for the balance of passed modules required.   
  • Eg.  – Required Credits  for the Year -  60ects
              - you have previously passed - 30ects and only 20 of these carried over to 22/23 as exempt
             - You are then short 10 ects
              -Registration will add the balance of 10 ects as EX010
              -you only need to register for 30 ects
    DO NOT register for extra credits as these will be removed from your record, as soon as this discrepancy is identified.

Return from Leave of Absence / Gap year (s) in study

If you were approved for a Leave of Absence for 2022/2023, you are progressed into 2023/2024 academic year automatically. If you are not returning (Withdrawing) or wish to extend your Leave of Absence, please liaise directly with the College Office.

If you are returning to continue after a gap in studies ( ie you werent on the system for 22/23 or before), you first require College permission to return, once we receive same, we will progress your record to the 2023/2024 academic year and include you in registration correspondence. 

Once you re-register for 2023/2024 you will have access to systems and services.  If you have any difficulties with your account, please email ISS at servicedesk@nuigalway.ie.

Click here for Leave of Absence Policy & Guidelines

3rd Years Commencing Study Experience Abroad / Placement

Students commencing year 3 of their 4 year programme with a Study Abroad / Placement element MUST register for this academic year.  Although you may not be on campus you are still required to register for the year and add modules to your record.

You will receive registration correspondence via email inviting you to register online and advising of opening dates.

Final Year students returning from Placement / Year Abroad

You can register provisionally for your final year , as University of Galway is currently awaiting results from the host University attended/placement that you completed.

NOTE:  If you fail to pass Year 3, your Final Year registration will be cancelled and you will need to liaise with both Fees Office and College Office.
NOTE:  *Science & Engineering students progress to next academic year after Autumn Exam results release - ie Register on Sept 4th

If you have any queries with your study abroad / placement year  - please liaise directly with your College Office