The Ryan Institute manages and supports a range of dedicated Core Research Facilities which act as research infrastructure platforms to allow Ryan Institute research teams and their partners to conduct advanced research across the four thematic research areas of the Ryan Institute. The Core Research Facilities of the Ryan Institute are comprised of:

  • Carna Research Station
  • Chemical Monitoring Research Facility
  • Geospatial Analytics Research Facility
  • Large Structures Research Laboratory
  • Coastal Observing Radar System (CODAR)
  • SustProt Greenhouse Research Facility (under-development)

In the University of Galway, a core facility is a contained unit where a specific service is centrally provided, properly maintained and managed by a cohort of specialist staff. Such facilities are hubs for their respective areas of expertise and allow researchers to access and use high-value specialised services that are provided on a fee-for-service basis to in-house and external researchers or industry partners.



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