The Structures Laboratory has a state of the art Data Acquisition System with up to 136 channels including (but not limited) strain, load, displacement, acceleration, voltage, intensity measurements together with HD video recording.  The hardware is easily expandable to include other sensors. Moreover, our researcher have large experience programming acquisition routines to adapt to specific requirements. The combination of both a very advanced acquisition system and our researchers' expertise offer a wide flexibility when it comes to testing. In this sense, the Structures Laboratory is capable to acquire data in very different testing scenarios from low sampling rates (typically static tests) to very high sampling rates (typically dynamic tests) and also during intensive tests campaigns (fatigue tests).


The laboratory has three other acquisition system chassis which can be used together with the PXI chassis or independently. These chassis can read strain, voltage, displacement and intensity measurements and are a great solution for those small to medium size tests.

Besides classical Data Acquisition Systems, the laboratory offers different standalone technologies which could be also used in combination with other instrumentation. Specifically, a Digital Image Correlation device, a 3D Laser Scanner , a Scanning Vibrometer and an Infrared Camera.