Energy Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary programme, drawing on elements of Mechanical, Electrical  & Electronic and Civil Engineering, and Information Technology. Staff from all four disciplines teach on the programme and make up the programme board.

Programme Director

Academic Staff - Energy Systems Engineering Programme Board

Dr. Maeve Duffy

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Room: Eng-3046

+353 (0)91 493972

(Electrical & Electronic Engineering)


Dr. Duffy’s research interests are in magnetic component design, wearable power generators, wireless powering, and sensors. She is based in the Power Electronics Research Centre at NUI Galway. Click here to listen to an interview with Dr. Maeve Duffy on our Itunes pod cast channel: Ryan Institute Pod cast Channel

  • Energy
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Sustainability and the Built Environment

Dr. Keane is the leader of the Sustainability and Built Environment priority research area. He is a lecturer in Civil Engineering, and the founder and NUI Galway Head of the Informatics Research Unit for Sustainable Engineering (IRUSE), which is dually affiliated to UCC.

Energy Systems Engineering Board (Information Technology)

Dr. Melvin’s research interests include Real-Time Systems, Energy Informatics, Internet Multimedia, Time & Timing Systems and Wireless Technologies. He is a member of the Performance Engineering Laboratory research group, a distributed group of researchers, based out of UCD and DCU but with a presence in other Irish institutions including NUI,Galway.

Prof. Leen’s main interest is in the development of computational solid mechanics solutions related to the ‘Materials for Energy’ theme. Examples are the: (i) development and analysis of novel floating concepts for offshore wind energy and (ii) development of structural integrity methods for use of composite materials in seawater environments.

  • Energy
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Marine Modelling Group
  • Sustainability and the Built Environment

Stephen’s interests are in the numerical modelling of marine waters from shallow coastal waters to the deep ocean. Particular processes of interest are tidal circulation, transport of pollutants, water quality and primary production.

Administrative Staff

Deirdre Duane

Monday-Thursday 09:30-14:30
+353 (0)91 492664


Technical Staff - Engineering

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