The following is a list of tests and preparatory work preformed in the Highway Laboratory and the equipment used in this function:

  1. Determination of Material Voids Content : Gyrator Compactor*
  2. Rut Resistance of Slabs: Wheel Tracker*
  3. Mixing of Cold-Mix Material: Gilson Mixer
  4. Mixing of Hot-Mix Material: Hobart Mixer, Large oven
  5. Curing/Aging of samples: Incubator
  6. Curing/aging of samples: Water Bath
  7. Compaction of Slabs: Slab Compactor*
  8. Workability: Gyratory Compactor
  9. Material Stiffness: NU Asphalt Tester*
  10. Marshall Design: Marshall Compaction Moulds, Marshall Compaction Apparatus, Marshall Testing Machine, X-Y graphic recorder, Digital Thermometer
  11. Viscosity Test: Standard Tar Viscometer, Penetrometer, Sliding plate Micro viscometer, X-Y recorder; Ring and Ball apparatus
  12. Skid Resistance test: Accelerated Polishing Machine, Portable Skid Resistance tester
  13. Aggregate Tests: Aggregate Crushing Value test, Aggregate 10% Fines Test, Specific Gravity of aggregate
  14. Wet/Dry Sieve analysis: Riffle Box, Set of B.S. test Sieves
  15. Durability Test: Dorry Abrasion Wheel
  16. Compaction/Density Tests: Vibrating Hammer, Procter mould, CBR mould, 50kN Tri-Star test machine, Portable Diamond Core Cutter, Wax pot
  17. Soil Suction Tests: Soil Suction Aparatus, Tensiometer Kit, Air compressor
  18. Fatigue Tests on Asphalt: Dartec 20kN Test Machine, Temp. Controlled Environmental, Chamber fitted to Dartec, LVD strain kit
  19. Meythlene Blue Test: Meythlene Blue Apparatus
  20. Sand Equivalent Test: Sand Equivalent Apparatus
  21. Sound Level Tests: Sound level meter
  22. Sand Patch Test: Standard Sand, Set of Dividers, Rule
  23. Duriez Design: Set of Duriez Moulds, Extruder
  24. Moisture Condition Value: Moisture Condition Apparatus
  25. Binder Ash Content: Muffle Furnace Although not referred to above some of the machines are computer controlled.

The Highway Laboratory contains more apparatus and utensils not listed above. These would consist of consumables such as glassware, tamping rods, spatula etc., 20kN Servo, Hydraulic Dartec Testing Machine (complete with temperature control Chamber)