Dr. Duggan’s interest is in policy modelling to investigate the feedback interactions between economical and energy policies and the environment. He is lead investigator with the System Dynamics Research Group at NUI Galway, and specialises in the design of computational methods to model complex social systems.

Health Care Demographic Model 2030

This research will take as a case study the Irish Healthcare system, and develop a dynamic model to project the impact of chronic illness – such as diabetes – on the health service. The model will be informed by similar studies in the US and UK, and be strongly grounded in empirical data.

Automated Task Allocation for Software Project Management

Software development is a complex activity, requiring the coordination of people and resources in the context of changing customer demands. Accurate and adaptive schedule development requires intelligent algorithms that can react to realtime changes in project status. This project will build on existing work in the area of multiple objective optimisation, in order to find ways to improve schedule efficiencies.

Agent-Based Models to Support Pandemic Planning

The goal of this research is to build agent-based models of infectious diseases spread, based on key cohorts and data from previous epidemics. Informed by census data on population profiles and area densities, the models will be calibrated and refined to support policy planning, in terms of vaccination and social distancing measures.